Thermophobia 溫感不安

過去一年,世界濃罩在一份不安的氣氛之下。所有人用無數方法自我保護,做著徒勞無功的事地如常生活。但是,不安感沒有隨著那一些作為而消散,反而深深潛伏在暗影之中。彷彿在夜裡發現了一隻蟑螂鑽進床底失去影蹤,最後伴隨住睡過一夜那樣。 「消毒酒精是行為,外賣紙是生活模式」 是次作品,挪用了和今次疫情相關的事物去作起點——消毒酒精和外賣單據紙。度過了2020年之後,這兩樣東西,似乎已經代表著超過它們本身的意義了。作品來自於兩人各自對於不安情感的投射,放在由疫情而帶來新意義的物料之上,嘗試做一些創作去回應現實。

Red Line

Live performance art featuring in Crossing Border | Border Crossing International Festival of Intermedia 2020, locate at JCCAC Hong Kong. A large Red line across the exhibition hall.

In Between Non Cooperate

不合作之間 記下2019年7月30日港鐵不合作運動之日的影像 捕捉在事件內外之間的人物面對社會狀況的反應

Bleach out One country two system

用漂白水抹走一國兩制 Performance Documentation 行為藝術紀錄

Running people in Wanchai

SignhackHK x DDHK paving @ WanChai A commissioned placemaking project, as a part of the project from Design District Hong Kong (#DDHK).Invited by the organizer Hong Kong Design Centre. Create paving artwork to respond to ...

150 pieces, a day

Invited artwork for South Island Art Day by SICD, organized by Art Statements Gallery Hong Kong. 150 pieces inflated yellow balloon surged forward to the space. Beautifully appeared with unconvinced truth underneath. Installation, size variable, ...

Scenery Fantascope

風景幻鏡 Fishpond-Diving Art Exhibition 2018 (落塘源野藝術節 2018) Mixed media installation, materials collected from on-site location. The scenery mix with abstract shape through the fantascope. Featuring artist: Rita Lau

In the name of rules

Project The Power of Line inherited the idea from project SignHack HK, about power, listed or unwritten rules in the society. The abstracted element from the previous project, color, forms and temporarily was used as ...

I just want to cast my shadow in the square

This project is a sub-collection under the project “The Power of line”. The idea of the temporary moment of my body shadow fully cast into a square, represented my consciousness trying to fit in some rules ...

Temporary Sculpture

This project is a sub-collection under the project “The Power of line”. An idea of use line as a tool of power representation, to reinterpret the meaning of a space along with our world. The ...

signHackHK (phase 2)

Along with the development of project SignHackHK, I am changing the idea into three dimensional and site-specific art. I create a slippery flood sign A-board and put them in front difference kind of place. The ...

signHackHK (phase 1)

Project SignHack HK was a street art project initiated by phenomenon overwhelming amount of slippery floor warning signage appeared all around the city. It was triggered my interest to investigate the idea and the power ...

fragility (ceramic project)

An experimental ceramic work, using the property of fragility of ceramic material as the idea. I made some ceramic “paper” and do origami work with it.

Pixel crystal

Pixel crystal series is a work for the group exhibition “A for…”, the idea of the show is a program to response our peer group artwork in throughout three years of art study. In this ...

Painting work